Monday, November 24, 2014

Cataloguing Craft Books

First order of business this morning is to catalogue some new books I picked up on my travels, for quilting, curved piecing, sock knitting, fiber covered gourds and bottles, and the like.  Then it dawned on me, as occasionally it does, that what seems natural and necessary to me may not be the norm.

Perhaps not everyone keeps a complete list of their basketry, beading, knitting, crocheting, knotting, quilting (fill in the blank here) books!  I started this list years ago, at first without the ISBN number, but later additions contain that as well.  Then I copy the updated format to "Notes", so I can access it from my phone while traveling, in case I happen to be in a book store or at a conference and think a particular book looks enticing.  This certainly prevents me from purchasing duplicate copies!

And yes, my non-spending mode is most difficult to embrace when I'm confronted with a new book on any of the crafts that I enjoy.  My internal debate is pretty loud, and probably easily overheard by anyone in the near vicinity. I'm afraid I lost some of those altercations lately and am the proud owner of some remarkable new at least to me.

But I'm behind in cataloguing, and the books can't be put away until that occurs, and with the holiday fast approaching and company coming, it's time to tackle it.  The only trouble is that while cataloguing I start perusing the tomes and I'm quickly sidetracked.  But then, there are worse things that could happen.   A cup of tea.....a craft book.....a quiet island retreat.....

Creating Bottles with Gourds and Fiber                                  The-Quilters-Bible-The-Indispensable-Guide-to-Patchwork-Quilting-9780715336267



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