Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Unexpected Contrasts

On the ferry ride to the mainland yesterday, we were entertained by an acapella choir from Wenatchee, WA, who were actually very good.  They performed some unusual pieces, including one in French and some others with moving lyrics and solos.

Waiting for the ferry on the return, I was watching a great blue heron feasting on the shore.  He was then joined by another heron, then another. All was well, all were fishing and enjoying their meals, until a fourth heron showed up with a Napoleon complex.  He chased off all the others from their spot, but instead of then enjoying it for himself, he continued to harass the other herons no matter where they went.  I never did see him settle to fish or eat.

So the day held a free concert given and enjoyed by all, then enjoyment ruined for everyone due to apparent jealousy and selfishness.

A day of contrasts.

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