Wednesday, June 25, 2014

One Less Tree

We had to take down a fir tree yesterday to make room for the work shed.  We carefully positioned the space for the shed for the least impact on the existing growth, but one tree simply had to go. (The shed will be set at an interesting angle as it is!!)   At least the tree was not a large (older) one.

I took time to thank the tree before we cut it.  The men cutting it also expressed their thanks, surprisingly to me.  It fell cleanly right beside the house thanks to the skill of the cutters.  The green branches will go to a goat farm on the island for feed. The rest of the tree and limbs will be firewood, so nothing at all will be wasted.  And we all marveled at the beauty and aroma of the wood.

I just don't take out trees lightly.  They are precious to me as well as to the environment.

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