Friday, June 20, 2014

Prepared for Final Eventuality

We finally signed our wills yesterday.  One more step is necessary - gathering all the pertinent information together for someone to more easily deal with the business side of things.  Planning ahead is simply considerate for those left behind and having to sort everything out.  No, I'm not being morbid.  News flash - we are all going to die.  I just don't want anyone thinking bad thoughts of me after I go, saying that I was organized in life but left a mess after I died!  I embrace life, and part of that is planning for the eventual.

There are very many resources for getting lists of what may need to be done.  The following are just a sampling:

But then I read about handling our "online" identity - had never thought about that part!  But of course someone else has!!

Once everything is together, I read somewhere that it might be easier to put it all on a flash drive and give THAT to your executor or relatives. However, since I'm hoping not to leave this realm just yet, I'll have to remember to review the information stored as well as the storage method, since flash drives will be obsolete in the near future, I'm sure.  Maybe all our information will be on appropriate.

Now to continue living this wonderful life!

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