Friday, May 23, 2014

Dishonesty in the World

It is so unfortunate that some folks in this world live a dishonest life and prey on others.  And the innocent victims of these crimes must deal with the aftermath and upset in their lives.  Even the threat or fear of theft can cause disruptions in our lives.

Case in point:  it's a lovely, rainy day on Lopez.  I'm having a quiet breakfast with my husband and we are planning our day - he'll work on the computer, I'll weave.  Settling at my computer to blog and check messages first, I'm confronted with a warning from my credit card company that our card is on hold for suspicious activity.  No worries, there was nothing wrong on it.  But just the fact that my morning ease and comfort was hijacked with worry, even momentary, and a forced detour to check the purchases sort of popped my blessed island morning bubble. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad the the credit card company is ever vigilant.  I'm just saddened that they HAVE to be.

If dishonesty were erased from the world, what a better place it would be.  No, I'm not dreaming - eventually human beings will evolve enough spiritually to embrace a New World that encompasses virtuous living.  All the religions of the world have expressed this view in some form or another.*  It probably won't happen in MY lifetime, but there still is the hope and promise that it will eventually come.

I'm back on an even keel now.  It's still raining.  My husband is here on the island, Sophie is beside me. And I have a basket to weave.  But I also have a renewed sense of the need to work toward a new world order.

*The phrase "New world order" in the Bahá'í Faith refers to a system of teachings, enunciated by Bahá'u'lláh, the founder of the religion, that Bahá'ís believe embodies God's divinely appointed scheme for the unification of mankind in this age. Among the beliefs it includes is the eventual establishment of a world commonwealth based on principles of equity and justice, a commonwealth as vital spiritually as it would be materially.

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