Saturday, March 9, 2013

Forever Student

While I love teaching basketry, knotting, and crocheting classes, I'm always wanting to learn new things myself.  I should add, though, that I always learn something from my students in each class that I teach.

Today I will attend a class sponsored by Northwest Designer Craftsmen: NWDC Tech Support - Image Prep and Social Media for Artists.  I am currently enrolled in an on-line course: Bahá’í Faith and Arts, which is proving to be both inspirational and fascinating, connecting with other artists around the world, and hoping to incorporate my Faith more in my work.  And just the other day, I had a private tutorial in understanding how the newspaper world defines ads (as in most things, they have their own lingo) and the proper way to submit an ad for inclusion in a paper.

Next week I will be taking a class on weaving a cedar visor, and two weeks after that one on Salla Bags (full-turn twining method from the mid-Columbia River region).  And I've started my harp lessons, of course.

And the list goes on of what I want to learn:  Hardanger Lace, Bobbin Lace, loom weaving......just to name a very few.  My problem is maintaining enough time for my own work, while I explore the abundance that life provides.

So much to learn - so little time!!!  I never can understand when folks say that they are bored.

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