Monday, January 11, 2016

Learning to Beat Procrastination

I used to teach organizational seminars (hard to imagine, I know).  So I know all of the tricks on how to beat procrastination - for someone else.  Since I've finally managed to overcome my latest procrastinating and finally gotten back into the studio, thought I'd share some of my favorite tips for artists that may be facing that procrastination elephant in the room:

1.    Break it down into manageable bites.  Even if you tell yourself you'll only work for 10 minutes, do that.  Set a timer if that helps.  You can do anything for 10 minutes.
2.    Figure out the one thing that's stopping you from working. Then go work on something else until you come up with a solution.  But at least do something.
3.    Work with a To-Do List.  (Key to this is to make it realistic!)
4.    Guard you time.  When it's time to work, really work.  When it's time to play, then play.  But don't feel guilty about one while you are doing the other.
5.     Don't use FB and emails as an excuse - they will gobble up your time without mercy.
6.     And if nothing else works, just make yourself  "show up" in your studio, or where your work. Once you're there, you'll probably find something to get started on.

This last week I was struggling to get working, because I really didn't know how to fix a problem rim on a basket.  So I forced myself to "show up", and started weaving anyway.  Once I got to the rim, the solution presented itself quite easily.

Why did I make it such a big deal??

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