Monday, January 4, 2016

Joy in Organizing

There is a deep, personal joy that I find in organizing for the new year.  As I file away the previous year's records in preparation for tax season, I check off the task on a mental checklist. ( I love making space and folders for the new year.) Clearing out old emails for a fresh start with a pristine folder - check that off, too.  Physically clearing off my desk and inbox with accumulated detritus almost brings a smile to my lips.  Prioritizing and moving notes made on my iphone to Workflowy is so satisfying.  Clearing apps off my phone that I don't really use is remarkably freeing.  Yes, I could go on and on, but only at the risk of really sounding like an organizational geek!

Why I like to organize is probably very similar to why women like to clean. ( )
It makes me feel in control, it calms my mind, and it's a reflection of who I  truly am.  Plus it's always nice to start the year fresh, without the mess.

I understand that organizing isn't everyone's "thing", but it certainly is mine.  Don't get me wrong, my house isn't perfectly neat all the time, and I do occasionally lose things.  But that doesn't stop me from embracing the bliss of organizing small areas of my life.

And one more plug for Workflowy - absolutely the best organizing and list making app in the world.


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Becky Wachtman said...

I both agree and disagree with you Sally. I do love having all my stuff organized into fun, tidy, and useful bins/drawers/containers etc... but I am blessed with lots of stuff, a smaller home, and not a lot of moolah, and definitely not a lot of time. THAT makes organizing extremely frustrating. I can't get organized without: spending a good chunk of money, spending a good deal of time organizing, and throwing stuff out (which makes me sad because I LOVE my stuff). ugh.
It is satisfying to have everything organized and I look forward to the days when I can do a simple-but-thorough yearly cleanup. Maybe I want to be Sally when I grow up??