Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Love/Hate Relationship with Critters

While I love watching some of the critters on this island, I don't especially appreciate their ravenous appetites for absolutely everything.  I put out dishes of seeds for the chipmunks, but they still get into the bird feeders.  Since I haven't planted anything of value (yet), the deer are okay. But they will easily foil my plans for the front yard if measures aren't taken.

Chipmunks - darling, quick, teasing (my cat), and adorable.  But just try to keep them out of the bird feeders!


Squirrel guards don't work (they aren't squirrels, after all).  The plastic dome around the feeder pole was demolished by the raccoons.  My husband read that clamping a slinky (remember those??) to the pole would work.  Maybe for squirrels, but my chipmunks (4 of them, to be exact) easily slithered up the pole inside of the slinky and leaped to the feast that way.  I just ordered the stovepipe-style that clamps to the pole - we'll see.


I'm in the process of nurturing 50 starts from the ground cover at our mainland house to plant in the front yard on the island. (My kitchen table has become a temporary nursery.)

 I know these young plants will be tasty morsels for the deer, in spite of the fact that they are not the usual fare for deer.  After perusing all my options, I think I'll try spreading blood meal around the perimeter, starting now even before I plant anything.  Then after planting, I'll spray around the plants with liquid deer fence.  I understand that a tall, secure fence is the best option, but that would destroy my view.

I don't want to wage war on these lovely critters.  I just want them to forage in other areas.  I know, I know....silly me.

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Tim Richardson said...

Actually, Sally, a tall fence won't destroy your view at all. One made from black plastic with 2 inch openings just about completely fades into invisibility. It's so lightweight the poles can be small. We've got one around our garden and you actually have to look at the fence to see it.