Sunday, August 2, 2015

Family Vacation

As we prepare for a family vacation in the Dominican Republic this summer, naturally I wanted to do a bit of research on what art and crafts we might find.  I'm hoping some Larimar might find its way home with me!


Art and Crafts
In the Dominican Republic, you have the opportunity to shop for arts and crafts that you can't find anywhere else. Their unique blend of Aborigine, European and African cultures has created an artistic style found only on the island. Over time, each culture's methods have blended together to create a new Dominican melting pot of techniques and traditions. These have produced some of the most popular crafts in the country, including basket-weaving, pottery, ceramics and jewelry made out of Dominican amber and larimar.
Visitors to the Dominican Republic fall in love with our beautiful gemstones, earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. Many are so taken that they bring others back for their friends and family. Larimar, a blue-colored semi-precious stone found only in the Dominican Republic, gives the jewelry a stunning twist unlike anything you've ever seen. You will also find many beautiful pieces that have been manufactured with bone and cow horn, coconut husk and other materials.
One of the best places to purchase Dominican ámbar and larimar jewelry, is right at the Ámbar Museum and the Larimar Museum in Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata. You will also find them in nearly all the hotel and resort gift shops. Many more Dominican crafts can be found at artisan's shops in the Modelo Market in Santo Domingo.
Using an ancient method, artists make baskets, bags, hats and backpacks from guano or cane. They also make Ceramic pieces that feature the Dominican landscape and classical floral designs.
In the charming seaside villages and small towns you will see dozens of little houses and decorated in the style of the local crafts. Here, they make beautiful pottery and faceless Dominican dolls known as Limé dolls. They make a great souvenir of the distinct Dominican culture. Local artists also create wooden figures from local Guayacan wood as well as many products out of locally produced leather.
In Santo Domingo, you will find an even larger selection of crafts around holidays. You should particularly keep an eye out for these seasonal items around the Christmas season and the annual Craft and Visual Festival.

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