Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring Cleaning the Work Space

Easter may now be in the past, but I'm still in the throes* of spring cleaning. Simply cleaning up one table in my small studio area gave me a burst of creative energy. Why is that?

From an article on
(Only one of many interesting topics in this article, by the way.)

A clean and organised environment affects your mood, productivity, and others perception of who you are.

How many times have you waken up without any motivation at all? How many times have you started working on something without being able to get focused and inspired? Next time this happens, take a look around you. Is your environment clean and well-organized? If not, take some minutes to clean it up and put everything into place. You will feel refreshed and reborn and productivity will spark immediately. But not only that, you will come across as caring and punctual, two highly esteemed traits. Why do think most of the big companies pay so much attention to creating the best working environment for their employees? They know what makes them happy and how it affects their productivity.
So I'm going to use this in the future....need a boost of productivity?  Clean a room, a shelf, a work area.   Nice! It also helps in finding things that were lost for ever so long.
*The plural noun throes means a great struggle or a condition of agonizing pain or trouble. 

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