Thursday, January 29, 2015

To Subscribe Or Not To Subscribe - That Is the Question

It's January, the first month of the year, when all sorts of questions arise, such as do I renew my magazine subscriptions? (Well, not exactly earth shattering decisions, but still.)  Where do they fit into my life of trying to "simplify" as well as be "authentic"?

So I ask myself which ones do I really (honestly) read and enjoy?  Which are part of the "should" culture?  (I "should" read this be well informed, because others read it, because I've always taken it, because it was a gift from someone a long time ago, because occasionally there is something pertinent in it....and the list goes on.)

Would it be better to rely on the internet to look up and seek out articles, patterns, topics?  If I don't know that the specific item/topic exists, I certainly won't go looking for it.  Do I need to do so?  Will I be missing out?  Maybe I can just cancel one?  At least I'm better at giving them away, clipping out articles and then recycling them after I read them.  But there is the issue of wasting paper to print them in the first place...

Ah, me.  I have very few answers this morning.  Perhaps decisions about magazine subscriptions will have to wait for another day.  I need to catch a ferry to go weave baskets on Shaw Island. Perhaps I'll take a magazine to read!


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