Monday, January 5, 2015

One of the Statistics

Personally, I really hate being one of the "statistics"....those "January people" (what we used to call them when we worked at the Y or pool).  You know, the ones that join because of New Years Resolutions and then quit by February.  Just a quick perusal on-line shows this:

Apparently 12 per cent of all gym members sign up to gyms in January, yet these memberships seem to be short-lived and, according to the Fitness Industry Association, after just 24 weeks most people have quit or stopped attending.

80% of the New Years Resolutions crowd drops off by the second week of February.

And the stats go on and on.
But yes, I did attend the grand opening of the new gym on Lopez on Saturday.  And yes, I do plan on joining tomorrow - complete with making an appointment for a personal trainer a few times.

Sigh.  I'm one of those people.  How did this happen?  (Well, basically, because they just opened!!)  All I can hope is that I will break out of the norm and actually get to the gym....and get back in shape....and prove that I'm not a statistic.  Or at least be a stat on the flip side  - of the 20% that continue after February!!


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