Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sterling Bells

One of our adventures while on Lopez, led by a fellow beader who had met this amazing man many years ago, was visiting the gardens and workshop of Gordon Barnett.  After driving down wooded, winding island roads, and walking through his magical garden, we arrived at his workshop (by appointment only).  His sterling silver or bronze bell pendants (and earrings) are absolutely delightful.  The crystal tinkling of bells (since you pick out your bell by both its shape and distinctive ring) still resounds in my ears.  He is truly an outstanding artist and humble soul.

From:, although he has many, many more!


BELLS CREATED BY GORDON BARNETT. Gordon Barnett is an accomplished artist and jeweler, as well as an avid gardner,
painter, and calligrapher. His attention to detail is richly recognized from the tip of the bail to the bottom of the clapper.
Many enjoy these melodic treasures that make wonderful gifts and attractive collectibles to be admired for generations to come.

All bells are individually designed by Gordon Barnett. They are all available in sterling silver and some available in bronze and 14kt gold.
Each bell is signed and dated. Each comes with it own unique personality and sound.

Alphabet Bell web.jpg Fish Eats Fish Bell web.jpg Choc lily bell.JPG
wee celtic.JPG Fish e fish ee.JPG Choc lily ee.JPG
Chantilly bell.JPG Dragonfly bell.JPG Elephant bell.jpg
Barouqe lattice.jpg Clown bell.jpg Butterfly.jpg
Ginko Bell.JPG NW  DUCK BELL.JPG Thimbell Bell web.jpg
Swan Bell bell.jpg Sufi-Surf Bell web.jpg Star of Five Bell web.jpg
Seahorse Bell web.jpg Scallop Bell web.jpg Mira Bell web.jpeg
Lighthouse Bell web.jpeg Chrysler Building Bell web.jpg Peace dove.JPG

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