Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Packing Up Again

Packing up again for a teaching trip - but this time it is local and I can drive to it instead of dealing with airports and luggage requirements. My guild's Spring Retreat is an amazingly creative and professionally organized basketry conference/retreat, set in a quiet, rural setting on the Olympic Peninsula.  While other conference attendance may be diminishing lately, ours is thriving and unfortunately we are having to turn some folks away because we are full!

The Northwest Basket Weavers' mission and purpose:   http://www.nwbasketweavers.org/
Established in 1982, the purpose of our Guild is to preserve and promote the art of basket making. Our members are wonderful people whose skills and knowledge vary from folks who just love baskets to beginning basket weavers to professional artists, teachers and collectors. We have more than 200 members: from Washington and Oregon, Canada, and across the country. 

Retreat 2014
Each March we enjoy a retreat from Wednesday through Sunday. It's open to members of our Guild and the Columbia Basin Basketry Guild. It's easy to become a member; you can join on the registration form.

It's a great way to relax, weave as much as you want, visit with guild members, and take classes from talented teachers. Click here for the Brochure.
Retreat webpage Check out some previous years' photos.

Each year a gallery is set up to showcase our members' work. The theme for 2014 Is "United We Weave," although you don't need to use the theme for your baskets. Members submit up to three baskets for the Gallery, and we encourage new members to bring their work, and not be shy! This gallery show is for everyone, and we love to see what everyone is doing.

On Friday night after dinner, we open the Gallery show with a Gala. All of the wonderful baskets are available for close-up viewing while snacking on fine chocolates and sparkling cider. Our members are diverse and talented, and it is always inspiring and amazing to see what they are doing. This is our chance to share - we especially encourage beginners to exhibit their work.

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