Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Bear With Me

Found a cute 8" bear in my stash. What else could I possibly do but weave him a backpack?? Western red cedar, waxed linen and waxed cotton.  That's the good news. Bad news is now everyone wants one!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Blending a Love of Beads and Baskets

I love to bead.  I love to weave baskets.  What would be better than to blend the two?  Several Indian tribes are renowned for their beaded baskets, the Paiutes in particular. They truly inspired me.

So for my own, personal take on this, I decided to use Delica beads, size 11.  Both of the following baskets started with a 9 pointed star (symbol of the Baha'i Faith).  One was made over a rather crude pine needle basket:
 My next attempt was beaded over a small lattice twined basket:

So what now?  A much larger lattice-twined basket, of course!